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JMU athletics is experiencing a level of success like never before. As the collegiate landscape evolves, it’s important that JMU evolves with it. 

In order to continue this unparalleled run we must be aggressive in Name, Image and Likeness also known as NIL. 

We launched the Montpelier Collective in May 2023 with the goal to help JMU student-athletes while fostering a close connection with our local community.

The momentum we’ve gained with the Collective has our coaches and staff optimistic, highlighting its financial bolstering of our student athletes and its pivotal role in primarily retaining but also attracting the nation’s top talent to JMU.

Following recent guidelines approved by the NCAA and in accordance with Virginia state regulations, we now have a more defined understanding of how JMU Nation can participate in N I L, while ensuring that we uphold our integrity and maintain compliance while also contributing positively to our community.

To be successful in NIL and experience more championships, we need to be clear that our success depends on the participation of the entire JMU community, not just a select few.

By supporting the Montpelier Collective and giving at any level, you are recognizing the success and hard work of our student athletes by providing compensation for their publicity rights. 

With our Football team being nationally ranked the last two seasons, Championships in Women’s Basketball and Volleyball, and postseason appearances across the board. There is no better time to be a Duke. 

To ensure the continued success of JMU Athletics, a strong name, image, and likeness (NIL) program is necessary. Please donate to the Montpelier Collective today and support our student athletes.